The Rees Institute offers a very different approach to leadership and human relations training. Accurate assessment, concise analysis, and valid prediction of human behavior in life/work situations are the primary objectives.

When confronted with complex events, this high level competence provides a significant professional advantage. Participants use these advanced skills to enhance problem solving, develop critical thinking and develop an overall sense of professional competence. Although designed for any employment area, those with careers in management/leadership, human resources and law will especially benefit.

The framework moves from individual to groups, through organizations and the ongoing impact of popular culture and politics. The Rees Institute emphasizes the unique nature of each individual and their interactions within and between systems. Open to all types of thinkers, those with high analytical ability and keen social intelligence are strongly encouraged to participate.

Advanced Training in Human Relations

Dan Rees PhD Professor Emeritus

Star Valley Lodge Training Director

Leadership and Organizational Change