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Spring 2016


Although always a workplace nightmare, dealing with highly unethical, self-focused employees is now the primary human resources trouble area.  As the popular culture continues to erode, these types increasingly find themselves in an environment where they can thrive. Colleagues, supervisors and family business members are held hostage by their maladaptive patterns and natural ability to gain influence and power.  They play by a completely “different set of rules.” The Rees Institute at SVL provides support, information and strategic planning to offset this advantage.   

Dictionary Definition

Machiavellian – cunning, scheming, and unscrupulous especially in politics or advancing one’s career.  

Synonyms: devious, treacherous, deceitful, dishonest

Defining these types is the “easy part.”  The real life challenges of identifying them prior to employment or once hired, neutralizing their destructive behavior and eliminating them from the organization are much more difficult.


Regardless of description or nomenclature “bad people” adversely impact systems at all levels. Their activity leads to litigation, losing valuable employees and overall lower organizational performance.  Once inside, they immediately infect a healthy work culture. The Rees Institute offers a learning experience that provides specialized knowledge and skill to detect and manage these toxic employees and reduce organizational risk.  


Summer 2016


“Business is business.” Family businesses are complex relationships. The Rees Institute provides support and insight to small and midsize businesses that mix intimate ties with private sector “bottom lines.” Critical organizational factors of equity, compensation, leadership, power and succession take on vastly different dimensions when family members are involved.


Each family business is unique in mission, situation, and personalities; however, consistent underlying themes exist.  The Rees Institute combines in-depth understanding of family dynamics with organizational change and leadership knowledge to provide understanding and guidance to this distinctive business segment.