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When you own a property with an “endless” backyard like we do — sometimes that one word just doesn’t quite do the description of it justice. It’s not always easy to convey the scale of our beautiful property with regular photos. That’s why we invited Vertex Aerial to come to Star Valley Lodge with their drone and film our property!

It was very exciting to have Vertex Aerial at our Lodge. As you may already know, Star Valley Lodge welcomes people of all ages, whether it be a c-suite corporate retreat, destination wedding, or a fun family reunion. In August, we had a family retreat here while filming, so who you see in the videos below are not professional actors! It was a wonderful time working with Vertex Aerial, while they captured the essence of our property and beyond!

Thanks to Vertex Aerial, we have 2 new drone videos posted on our YouTube Channel. Now, people from all over the world can experience Star Valley Lodge in a way that’s almost like being on our property! You’ll see the Lodge and our very open, wild spaces… which are right outside our door in big, beautiful Wyoming. Come and take these tours with us below!


This video gives an outstanding overview of our Lodge. In just under 3 minutes, you can take a sneak peek into our guest rooms and enter our amazing outdoor world of zooming around our area in a side by side, test your skills at clay shooting, fly fish by the stunning Salt River, and see what it takes to roast the perfect s’more at the end of the day by our Cowboy Cauldron



Although this video is less than 30 seconds, it gives you a burst of visuals – showcasing the adventures you can have as a Star Valley Lodge guest! In addition to a quick overview of the inside and outside of our Lodge, the video also gives a close-up look at the many activities we have to offer…

As the seasons change, we will be talking more in our blog about the fall and winter seasons that are on their way to Bedford, Wyoming. Also, if you would like to see what types of activities you can do here in any season – spring, summer, fall, or winter – see this website page or this past blog post for more details on every single activity we offer to our guests!

Happy fall to all, from Star Valley Lodge!


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