Star Valley, WY

Star Valley was initially inhabited by the Shoshone Indians and settled by Mormon pioneers in the 1870s. The area was once described as “The Star of All Valleys,” and is a delightful place to be. Star Valley is located in the mountains on the western edge of Wyoming; it is 14 miles wide, 50 miles long and it borders the Bridger-Teton, Caribou and Targhee National Forests. At altitudes ranging from 6,500 to 10,000 feet, this unspoiled wilderness offers immediate access to rivers, lakes and streams. This special area also provides home to many wildlife species, including moose, elk, mountain lion, and bear.

Year Round Enjoyment

Meetings, events and family reunion fun go on all year! In warmer months, fishing, target shooting, hiking, and biking are either right outside our door, or within a short car ride of our property. During winter, our Wyoming landscape combines the tranquility of snowy meadows and forests with great opportunities for nordic skiing, tubing and snowshoeing.