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The kitchen inside the Star Valley Lodge is a place even chefs like to be in.  Chef Maggie Pallan from Artisian Chef, caters to our retreat groups, special events and family reunions.  She told us recently what she loved about our Wyoming kitchen…

For starters, Chef Maggie has worked in hundreds of kitchens around the world.  She tells us that the Star Valley Lodge kitchen is designed in a very effective work triangle, which makes cooking much more efficient.  Chef Maggie raves about our large-sized gas cooktop, the big island in the middle of the kitchen for people to congregate and the lovely side window breezes to keep things cool and aired out.  Not to mention the deep sink for dishes before placing in the dishwasher.  Plus, the beautiful view of the Salt River mountain range out the kitchen window really helps lighten the mood when rinsing dishes!

For a gathering last spring, Chef Maggie served specialty steaks to our guests from the Jackson Hole Chamber of Commerce.  She cut the steaks from a whole New York loin, and used her special secret recipe of natural herbs & spices.  It’s called “Maggie’s Seasoning” and she’s been using it for over 15 years!  She rubs the seasoning in & let’s the steaks sit for 20 minutes before grilling.

At the Star Valley Lodge, the New York strip steaks were prepared outside on the Cowboy Cauldron.  The steaks were amazing and everyone at the event thoroughly enjoyed.  If you’re looking for the perfect steak rub, but haven’t found it yet – give Chef Maggie’s a try!  You can email her and ask to purchase it for your very own:

And, don’t forget to check out her Facebook and Instagram pages if you’re a foodie and want to see what she’s cooking these days!

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