Naming the Rooms at Star Valley Lodge

If you’ve ever stayed at Star Valley Lodge in Wyoming, or if you’ve ever looked over our accommodations page… you’ll notice that our room names are very unique. Each room in the Lodge and Guest House are named after the historical prints displayed in each room. Interestingly enough, each artwork comes with its own amazing true story!

Mike Maholchic, owner of the Lodge, decided each room would have a print. After a thorough Google search on many wonderful Wyoming artists, Mike came across Larry Edgar’s prints. When he saw this print, he knew right away this was the artist he had been looking for:

Rustler's Moon

Mike was excited to learn more about Larry’s artwork and how he is known for winning many different awards over the years. The attention to small details in prints, careful research of historical topics and his accuracy in clothing, tack and firearms were astounding. Larry even had a particular series that was a perfect fit for the Lodge, since they all depict real stories of Wyoming’s history.

For example, the story of the print above is about Jack Bliss. He was a notorious rustler who operated in Northern Wyoming in the early 1890s. This area of Wyoming was economically depressed, due to the severe winter of 1886-1887. Bliss took to the outlaw trail like many cowboys of that era.

In 1892, efforts were being made to rid Wyoming of these outlaws, and two range detectives were sent out to capture Jack Bliss. While trailing a herd of stolen horses through the Bighorn Basin to the Jackson Hole country, Bliss was hunted down and killed by these range detectives. Bliss was killed on what is now known as Bliss Creek and Bliss Creek Meadows at the head of the South Fork of the Shoshone River.

These stories and more await you at The Star Valley Lodge! Also to mention, Mike had the frames completed by a local frame artist that re-purposes barn wood from Wyoming. Again, our accommodations page can tell you more about the rooms we have available, and the historical names that correlate with Larry’s artwork.

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